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Wolf Hall

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Wolf Hall

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Wolf Hall
Wolf Hall
Wolf Hall
Wolf Hall

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Wolf Hall is a British Drama TV series created by Hilary Mantel for BBC. Wolf Hall brings to life the thrilling story of Thomas Cromwell, whose story unfolds against the background of Tudor England with its mercurial personalities and changing political changes. There is nothing artificially striking about this drama. It is pure excellence, a production that unites an unprecedented cast with an exquisitely intelligent script. As a fan of the book, I’m not sure how this will hit those who have not read Mantel’s work, but those who have it will be more than satisfied. The production boasts of wonderful attention to detail, from interior decoration to costumes, to behaviors and dinner – a delight to enjoy on.

What will impress the most in Wolf Hall is the dim, realistic candlelit night scenes. Now you watch Lobo Salon and you can almost smell the dripping burning candles! The action is very well planned, considering that the books are quite long. There is nothing boring in this great 6 episode TV show and much to enjoy and admire. When Episode 6 reaches the closing scenes, you end up wishing there is a second or third season (though, truth be told, no one would like to see Cromwell’s unfortunate beheading in Rylance’s human and favorable portrayal). In short, if you appreciate exquisite management and photography, excellent acting, a great script adaptation and a luxurious historical production, you will find this second of the show to none.

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