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Travelers is a science fiction TV series created by Brad Wright for Showcase and produced by Netflix. This is a unique show, unlike other travel scenarios in time, in the way it is written, acted out and how well it is produced. It is good to know that there are still true creative working in the industry that can produce an exciting, interesting program without the benefit of a huge budget or the brilliance of every other scene over tons of CGI luxury. The Director of Travelers is a phantom pulling the strings, although it is not a good omen that this person uses/abuses children to pass critical messages to the team. We have to wonder if our supposed benefactors are really working towards an improved version of the time to come. Although the characters are still in development, several have stood out with their very strong and personal performances that deal with real-world issues. As a consumer, I appreciate an actor who can empathize with his script problems and goals. There are several in this team that resonate the qualities that encourage the public to return.

The plot is well premise, based on a look at a terrifying future that is almost too easy for viewers to conjure up on their own. Travelers can be firmly anchored in Here and Now, but the Future and the Past are bent in the Present with excellent story lines and a smooth, logical development. This produces astonishingly moderate but thoughtful performances from the actors, including the ever-talented Eric McCormack. The episodes are so subtle and intense that each one grabs you by the brain and you will not want to stop looking. I have seen the pilot again several times, and it has not yet gotten old. As a very good book, each new step gives a little more to the imagination to chew. The characters are realistic and behave as normal humans would, their decision making is rational for the most part, but there is still much emotion and even romance with some drama. The cast fits well and looks good, in fact they have some very interesting roles to perform and it was a joy to see them do it.

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