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This Is Us

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This Is Us
This Is Us
This Is Us
This Is Us
This Is Us

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This Is Us is an American drama TV series created by Dan Fogelman for NBC. “This Is Us” is by far the best new series on television, as NBC found a family drama, which is the winner because it is full of excitement and drama of love, loss, regret and the pursuit of happiness. This series is said a lot through flashbacks to show how it was done, in any case a pair of Jack and Rebecca having triplets all in the same day, with only two of them to survive, and that Kevin and Kate, which then become a brother Randall adopted child. Now all the children have grown up searching and trying to find their own way of life, as Kevin desire to become an actor and Kate is a fat and unhappy mess, however, she begins a relationship type “Mike & Molly” with Toby, now with Randall successfully and finally finds his real life father, who was dying of terminal cancer and it brings a lot of drama and conflict with its heavy loving wife, as she feels Randall is that most of the big heart. Through it all, the family shares the emotion and love through the struggle of life and time as a viewer, you can see that everything is connected with the union they were born and flashbacks show how the trio was cast Jack and Rebecca. This series is really warm and touching change and shows how life develops and demonstrates that love and past due.

Too often you have finished writing a review about the show, which is less than surprising, often frustration, anger or plain old boring in other media as an attempt to get viewers to tune in with minimal effort plot, dialogue or action. This Is Us is the opposite of all, it is a pleasure to be found between the modern version of the tedious entertainment. The story of one life, seemingly unrelated people who share something in common, so it’s the first game, all openly revealed at the end of the first episode. This Is Us provide excellence in performance, excellence in the narrator and compelling story and the ongoing potential for greatness. The characters are well developed all over the main and side stories in abundance, which so far will keep your interest and perhaps most important for the show, invested in these characters, and they journey. There are several spine tingling on the show, as others have said it can be an emotional journey, with moments of humor and moments of laughter and joy. This Is Us is a true family drama series to watch.

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