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The Night Of

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The Night Of

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The Night Of
The Night Of
The Night Of

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The Night Of is a crime-drama American TV mini series created for HBO. Presentation of Police, like nothing you’ve seen before: the trouble to work after the end of the shift, passing the ball to another person in case that, of course, go into the early hours of the morning sets in careless handling of evidence because of the power available. Here, the police neither heroes nor villains, men and women in the workplace are just doing a job.

The atmosphere at the police station in the middle of the night is palpable, as is the overwhelming feeling of helplessness experienced by the naive protagonist, as the night goes from bad to worse. representation of low-income defender occurs on a much larger than I imagined John Torturro great prospects for future business scenes. Large fine execution abound, and modern Twin Peaks meets a real detective is out. Riz Ahmed, as the protagonist, bringing the same innocent, confused, but more intellectual than sensible characteristic plot secrets here that he looked like a side impact doomed Gyllenhaal at night, and I just can not stop watching, because every time, when we feel stupid, cornered or scared repeated his gentle spoke about the plight captured.

The story is so fascinating and absorbing that you can feel in the show, the actors make you feel real guys, you feel fear, as if all that happens to you, your heart will break correctly when you see the police. Meet the intelligent dialogues and impressive results. You have to see, and no one person who used to love this show, HBO murder again and we have to continue this amazing story.

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