The Librarians 2014

The Librarians

3 Seasons 21 Episodes
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The Librarians 2014

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Original nameThe Librarians
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The Librarians 2014
The Librarians 2014
The Librarians 2014
The Librarians 2014
The Librarians 2014

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Cued by the popular “The Librarians” trilogy of TNT introduces new series of members of an ancient protective group of mysterious artifacts. hidden under the Metropolitan Public Library, has been the secret society of the old leaders Flynn Carsen, whose task will be very complicated. To help, visit the library Eva, a counter terrorism agent who is responsible for the organizational security; James, who has encyclopedic knowledge of art, architecture and history; Cassandra auditory/sensory hallucinations couples to memory; and Ezekiel, a skilled thief and master technician. Monitor their Jenkins, chaperoned small pension sleepy library home in Oregon. Noah Wyle executive produces and returns Flynn, the role he played in the film series.

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Last air date2016-11-20
Episode runtime43,60 min
TV StatusReturning Series

Seasons and episodes

1 The Librarians 2014 - Season 1
2 The Librarians 2014 - Season 2
3 The Librarians 2014 - Season 3