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Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley is an American comedy TV series created by Mike Judge for HBO. Silicon Valley was discussed long before it’s HBO debut. With the Silicon Valley now finding an atmosphere of Hollywood in the way it looks, the focus of the entertainment industry in Silicon Valley and its unique lifestyle and culture it is new and has yet to find its balance of representation between the reality of innovation that happens there and the strange, comedy ammunition found in some of the more eccentric aspects. Silicon Valley Mike Judge is a damn good start. It is witty and sharp, and takes a sarcastic approach him with an outsider’s eye. Of course, Mike Judge is not a stranger, having worked in Palo Alto in the late 80s, and his disdain for its people and culture shows.

What makes the series work is that Judge is able to focus on all the little silly things that have become a cultural icon. From the innovators of CEO with followers of Christ, to the idea that the industry is somehow led by college dropouts, Judge not waste time and have no problem to put every cliche/reality of Silicon Valley on a pedestal for people laugh. As a native, I can say that the program exaggerates a lot of things, but also has much right. If you’ve seen the other work of Judge, then you will quickly see how well it fits. With Beavis and Butthead, we have a review about the stupidity and waste of a generation, with King of the Hill, we look at Judge’s understanding of the culture of Texas and ideologies of an American culture trying to cope with the changes of a modern world, and here we have a whole new subculture to which plunges Judges.

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1 Silicon Valley - Season 1
2 Silicon Valley - Season 2
3 Silicon Valley - Season 3



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