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Master of None

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Master of None

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Master of None
Master of None
Master of None
Master of None
Master of None

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Master of None is an American comedy-drama TV series created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang for Netflix. Using his stand-up platform, Aziz has been growing and relaying their thoughts and observations of life from the point of view of the son of Indian immigrants who chose to raise a family in the southern United States. However, that is not the only point of view because it also sees itself like any other young American, immersed in today’s culture. Something that does not assume, using it instead of away from it, with the results often being an amazing, heartfelt comedy. All this has an incredibly genuine feeling, as if Aziz never completely renounced his childhood, rather than continue to let that side of him flourish.

A glutton of popular culture, Aziz often mocks how easy a text message can change the course of your day, how dating and relationships have absolutely no sense, and how we should treat us better. Master of None is the evolution of these observations, originally perfected on stage, and now presented to us applied to real life situations. The best part of this evolution is the fact that he is not afraid to criticize, and the show highlights this by offering multiple viewpoints of a diverse set of characters, often their friends.

Master of None suggests something big, sometimes still unsure of himself in the best way possible the same. Prospects continue to change until a universal truth that connects us to the madness that is our life in our modern era is discovered. Technology, dating, racism, sexuality, consumerism, parenting and marriage are discussed in less than four episodes, but no real conclusions are made. The show does not focus on the lessons, but rather understanding and perspective.

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