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Humans is a British-American Sci-Fi TV series created by Sam Vincent for AMC. The story, set in the not too distant future, begins with a family buying a synthesizer, a human-looking robot that is programmed to perform household chores such as cooking and cleaning. Father, Joe, hopes he will allow his wife to spend more time with him. As expected, the android, baptized “Anita”, becomes a source of help and a source of irritation. Then a flashback takes the viewer of what was an apparently predictable story to a revelation that Anita is part of a much bigger and important story, with similarities to “Blade Runner.” Then, in the current time period, “Humans” gives us an ingenious scene about an older man, George, who owns an old synth model called Odi to which he is very attached. As George’s memory fails, Odi has become a repository of memories, especially regarding his late wife, Mary. Our memories define us, but George finds his humanity in the circuit of a synthesizer.

Much more is covered Humans TV show. The story touches many basic concepts of robotics and artificial intelligence for those who are not well versed in the subject. Reference is made to “Asimov Blocks”, a welcome nod to Isaac Asimov’s laws of robotics, which mainly prohibit robots from damaging humans. The performance is excellent. Actors who play synthesizers do a good job. The beautiful Gemma Chan, who plays Anita, seems the perfect choice for her role. The stage has been set for an interesting and insightful drama of this show that has already surpassed my expectations.

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