Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie

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Grace and Frankie

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Original nameGrace and Frankie


Grace and Frankie
Grace and Frankie
Grace and Frankie
Grace and Frankie
Grace and Frankie

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Grace and Frankie is an American comedy web TV series created by Marta Kauffman for Netflix. This is a brilliant and timely series. Sheen, Waterston, Fonda and Tomlin. I guess almost 200 years of combined experience. Sample. The writing in this series is witty and attentive to popular culture. It gently picks on the absurd in our contemporary lives and exposes the raw human condition. The only thing that eats me a little is the high-class white privilege that penetrates everywhere. Despite this, the series makes some very real, critical and timely social commentaries. At the very moment the US Supreme Court discusses gay marriage, we have Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston, two very direct and very accomplished actors, kissing each other on the screen.

He will be reminded of the strange couple as Fonda/Tomlinson find each other pushed by the circumstances of their husbands announcing that they have been in a secret relationship for 20 years and finally break up with their wives and make a living together, including marriage. But instead of an ongoing joke, you’ll see Fonda/Tomlinson reunite as new friends found, who was always boiling in the past, but neither could surpass the nuances of each. You have a little reality, you always needed each other. Grace and Frankie is a sincere comedy portrayed excellently by four veteran actors. This original comedy takes you to the lives of two couples and their families as they work through a major shift in family dynamics. You will find yourself wanting to learn more about the four main characters and how they adapt to your consistent life changes. You will find yourself empathizing with Grace and Frankie as each reconcile with the end of your 40-year marriages. New opportunities for personal growth and understanding of different lifestyles create a platform for growth and understanding among the four characters. I’ve seen all 13 episodes in 3 days and made me laugh out loud! Dress up NetFlix for providing a much-needed adult comedy. Thanks to Lily, Jane, Sam and Martin for breathing life into these characters.

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1 Grace and Frankie - Season 1
2 Grace and Frankie - Season 2



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