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Frequency is an American Drama TV series created Jeremy Carver for The CW and based on the 2000 film of the same name. This is a fantasy series, but it is serious. Despite its premise really has nothing to do with time travel, the effects are quite similar. A young female police in 2016 opens a communication channel with its soon-to-be dead father in 1996 who is also a cop who goes undercover. In his attempt to save her life, she spends critical information for him to change their lives (and those around them) dramatically. The pilot episode has a very balanced tone. Everything works almost perfectly to create an environment that is both touching and exciting. The main partner of Peyton List (the daughter) and Riley Smith (the father) has a great chemistry and their scenes “together” are really touching.

Those who like fiction time travel, Frequency is their taste, although it is not really about time travel. The central character is Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List), a young police detective NYPD makes contact with his late father through his old ham radio. Actually, he’s talking to her from 1996, twenty years before. So while there is no time travel, no communication over time. The supernatural agent that makes this possible is a ray (shades of “Frankenstein,” “Back to the Future” and others) and there is a bit of time covered dichotomies, ie errors but the story is so compelling in terms of its emotional content and its appeal to the imagination, that seemed easy to put aside.

The acting in Frequency is brave and strong. Frequency is not a Disney film to feel good sugar-coated. Raimy’s father, Frank is/was an undercover cop who died in suspicious circumstances. In his time, Raimy is working on a murder case in serial murderer cold. The two of them are diverted, he left his family when he was six years Raimy The script is not over-the-top and not defies logic as another series of “parallel universes” this season (no time). The music and the songs work well in this too. In general, the issue is trivial and has been misused many times, but offers “frequency” with it with great care. The two drivers give great performances, touching, and the show is entertaining and interesting. Frequency is highly recommended TV series to watch for everyone.

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