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Beyond is an American drama TV series created by Adam Nussdorf for Freeform. BEYOND TV series is taken more seriously: the violence in the first episodes is much more realistic. As is the fight that develops in the family of the main character. In addition, there are more serious background issues here on the exploitation of grief by religion and trade, as well as the common experience of PTSD by former soldiers. Energetic things, for this kind of show. That this show is taken more seriously, however, is not really a good reason to see it. The first episode of violence is gratuitous, to the point that it does not even make sense at the end of the series; And the issues of substance remain firmly in the background.

The central presumption of the show Beyond is that, after recovering from a 12-year-old coma, the main character Holden is plagued with mysterious visions, supernatural experiences, attempts at recruitment by extravagant cultists, as well as the attention of a beautiful and mysterious woman who Wants to help protect him from all these other things. With each episode, more memories of Holden’s time are revealed in his coma. Whether these memories are dreams, near-death experiences, or real memories of time spent in the purely spiritual world slowly becomes clearer throughout the episodes. The way in which Holden’s memories are revealed, and his relationship with the cult and his mysterious guardian are what brings you to history. Along the way, there are also some very well-done parts about Holden’s romance with another coma victim, as well as the emergence of random characters, such as a film-obsessed pharmacist, who make the development of Holden’s story Is nicer than it probably should be.

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