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Angie Tribeca

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Angie Tribeca

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Angie Tribeca
Angie Tribeca
Angie Tribeca
Angie Tribeca

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Angie Tribeca is an American Comedy TV series created by Steve Carell for TBS. After a satire of tough feminine role and blatant product placement in just five minutes, it is clear that Angie Tribeca does not follow the normal rule of procedure, or any coherent rule for that matter. However, follow the Naked Gun step while this is good, since the slapstick comedy has not had any additions for a while, there are some persistent raw moments that might be too unpleasant for the comedy to function properly. This is a psychic comedy at heart, mocking police programs in an unapologetic way. Honestly, a parody of CSI and tastes is expected. Angie Tribeca has some good times, it’s nice to see this kind of cheeky humor from time to time. The witty parts offer fun approaching and commentary of the most serious typical spectacles, some amazing inviting stars like Lisa Kudrow or Alfred Molina are appreciated strangely.

Rashida Jones plays a detective who represents all possible cliches: she is a hard cookie, a lone wolf, who hates teamwork but somehow develops feelings for her newly assigned hot-headed partner, speaks exclusively with phrases of typical programs Police, and strangers congratulate him on his appearance saying that it is a pity that I lose her working as a detective. Together with Tribeca and his partner they keep their city safe, treating very silly cases in many ways very silly. The cast does not shine with charisma, but they are reasonably enjoyable to watch, especially Rashida Jones, whose characteristics are not only beautiful in the usual sense, but also lively and interesting, which is a very good thing for a comedy. And of course there is the dazzling smile that some of you might remember from Parks and Recreation. As for the others, they perfectly fulfill their main task, which is to parody the stereotyped characters of the police programs.

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1 Angie Tribeca - Season 1
2 Angie Tribeca - Season 2


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