And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

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And Then There Were None

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Original nameAnd Then There Were None


And Then There Were None
And Then There Were None

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And Then There Were None is a 2015 British-American drama thriller TV series based on the novel by by Agatha Christi. For a series based on the famous work of literature, there is a persistent effort on BBC to create the proper feel for the characters and isolated from the pages of the novel. The series is surprisingly elegant, beautifully made with sharp cinematography, while the actors act as palpable deceptive characters. This is back in the center of the mystery thriller inspired by the work of skillful writer and is definitely delightfully welcoming. One might have read or seen the style of this brand Agatha Christie before, several dubious personalities gather in a frighteningly desolate place, but magnificent, where the surrealist legend could appear in the air. Each of them is as bleak as the cloud of arrows Thermopylae as the body count starts to rise, dark secrets begin to emerge.

The visual presentation is handled with care. Each shot is designed to create a sufficiently separate disconcerting reality environment. It is strangely fascinating how they can produce this unique mansion on a small island, almost like something out of a dream, yet only credible enough. There is a good care in the interior shots, as it presents the claustrophobic house in a slight angle enough to still hide the clandestine nature and the audience can better familiarize the stage as an integral part of the story.

Script shows an extravagant meticulous approach to interactions. All gathered personalities are completely suspicious and the series shows these deeply rooted embeddedness in short bursts. Banters happen in beautiful words, however, are intended to cut deep, or just the right moments curse when they arrive. This set-it immaculate fact, one can appreciate the small details designed to draw attention or deceive. This is the classic mystery thriller par excellence one of the best writers who have adorned the genre, will be a delicious treat for the fans as well as an intriguing watch for everyone in general.

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