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American Housewife

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American Housewife

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American Housewife
American Housewife

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American Housewife is an American sitcom comedy TV series created by Sarah Dunn for ABC network. The rich city of Westport, Conn., Is full of mass-produced moms and their seemingly perfect offspring, but members of the Otto family can not be counted among them. Insurance housewife Katie Otto shares a house with her husband, Jeff, and their three children Taylor, Harrison and Anna-Kat, and while she loves, recognize that they will probably not land themselves in a magazine broadcast in the short term. The matriarch knows his family is very poor, and it is far from sorry.

In American Housewife, a mother, who is a little overweight and her husband are raising three children on the outskirts of Westport Connecticut, resonate with a lot of families. The actress Katy Mixon, just out six seasons of the hit series Mike and Molly plays mom Katie Otto, who feels a little uncomfortable at what he feels is his body large compared to all mothers of school neighborhood that remind perfect Stepford wives. Now Katie’s husband Greg, played by Diedrich Bader is only normal father who enjoys his morning reading on the throne bathroom with a cup of coffee. Greg does not think Katie is as fat as Katie thinks she is. Neither Greg think that two (2) of its three (3) children are a little weird, but Katie safe ago.

Pam fat is Katie neighbor from across the street and she is moving so let Katie as the second fattest mother in her neighborhood. Katie convinces her husband Greg has to help her find a heavy woman to buy the house across the street, so it will not be considered as the fattest mother of the neighborhood and she can feel better about herself. However, common sense prevails and Katie finally ends up having to welcome another Stepford wife looking at the neighborhood called Viv, played by Leslie Bibb. The initial interaction between Viv and Katie could imagine it would not be exactly a warm welcome and therefore we have the realization of a new sitcom. Katie and Greg are the proud parents of two daughters and a son. The son of Oliver’s ambition is to be the next Warren Buffet, but do not think Katie and Greg have the heart to tell your child that they are actually only renting the house in which they live. His youngest daughter is a cutey patootie named Anna-Kat is afraid of germs and has signs of obsessive compulsive disorder. His eldest daughter Taylor fits perfectly into the neighborhood with all the skinny girls looking good and Katie Taylor resents that can grow like any other kind of Stepford plastic, shallow but very thin wife.

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