1 Season 22 Episode

Yuudou: Lead

General information

Episode TitleYuudou: Lead
Air date2007-03-14

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L determines (and Light concurs) that Light used to have the power of Kira but no longer. Kyosuke Higuchi has it now, but the mechanics of how he wields it remain unknown. Using Touta Matsuda on live TV as bait, L engineers the means by which to find out. Calling for a favor from their mole, Reiji Namikawa, the team discovers that he and others of the Yotsuba Group have already pegged Higuchi for Kira as well. Kyosuke Higuchi soon finds himself on the verge of being outed and, unable to use the Death Note for the lack of knowing Matsuda’s real name, races out in a panic to kill Matsuda any way he can.